Each one of us will replace around

during our life time. Multiply this number by billions of people using plastic toothbrushes...

Just in the USA alone,

toothbrushes are thrown away per year. And this is just one country.

Plastic toothbrushes take over

to decompose and as they settle into the landfill, they release chemicals into the air.

There’s now around

macro and microplastic pieces in the open ocean, including old plastic brushes.

By the year 2050, there will be

in our oceans than actual fish. Already, the ocean is filled with about 165 million tons of plastic.

Simply tell us your favourite eco-friendly tip that has helped you to live a more sustainable life.

We will then send you a FREE Bamboo Toothbrush, as our way of helping you #ditchtheplastic and make the switch. Plus, your tip may be featured with our community on social, so keep an eye out!

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As a pediatric dentist,
I use an eco-friendly practice model
that supports and maintains wellness
for my patients and our planet.

Every plastic toothbrush since their creation in the 1930's is still in existence today. Grin products not only have clean ingredients, but are also created with sustainability in mind. Let their bamboo toothbrush start your journey to a lifestyle that protects our planet.

Dr. Amanda
Pediatric Dentist & Dental
Sustainability Advocate