Palm oil free toothpastes - save the orangutans!


Hey there conscious humans,

Check out this choice video from our friend, Jack - a 10 year old Orangutan Alliance Youth Ambassador who has been working very hard calling businesses and consumers (all of us) to choose for Palm Oil Free products, therefore to save the beautiful orangutans🦧!

Thank you Jack for standing behind businesses that are trying to make a change🙏🏼!

Re - post from Jack's channel:

“Did you know that most toothpastes contain palm oil? Palm oil has hundreds of alternative names on products, and toothpaste often contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Glycerin, which are alternative names for palm oil.

Grin Natural Toothpaste is a product that is good for both your teeth and the environment! And, it's certified by Orangutan Alliance, so you know for sure it is palm oil free. Check out their products on their website at or at your local TJX store, Marshalls, TJMaxx, or Home Goods. I love their toothbrushes as well, which come in biodegradable packaging.

Let's all make our environment and our dentists proud! Buy products that are palm oil free so that we can save the habitat of the endangered species who call the rain forest home such as the orangutans. The rain forest is being cut down in order to make room for palm oil plantations. But, as consumers we can make a difference by choosing items that are good for our environment, such as Grin Natural toothpaste."