Grin Friend Series, Let's talk to Sunny and Jessie!

Sunny and her beautiful daughter Jessie have been long time friends of Grin Natural. Through the years Sunny has developed a profile that has positioned her as an inspirational mum, influencer, and content creator on social media. This has allowed her to also become an advocate for brands and community activities so it is no surprise that she jumped on board with Grin in a few social initiatives such as ‘We are one’ ‘ Thinking of you’ and ‘Happy Choices’...We can’t wait to introduce Sunny and Jessie @sunnyandjessie to you! 

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I’m Sunny Kaur; wife to Gurjeet and mum to Jessie. 

I’m passionate about being authentic, making great connections, and inspiring people. I’ve been a stay at home mum now for five years and love being a mum as no two days are the same! My day usually starts with some me time with a cup of coffee which includes my Dose&Co Collagen. And most days I wake up before the family which allows me time to write in my gratitude journal.

You always talk about how much you love Jessie and how she is your everything. Which part of motherhood do you enjoy the most? 

I love having a mini-me. I love that we can share a passion for fashion and have days shopping together. But in all honesty, I love watching Jessie grow. Every age is so different and now at 5 years old, I get asked a lot of questions daily! Sometimes I have to think twice before I give her an answer as she doesn’t forget anything easily. Haha. 

What is it like to support brands that you genuinely love and why do you enjoy doing that?

Once I find a brand I love, it is easy to genuinely support them and because of this it is easy for me to share my honest feelings about that brand with my audience. And this makes me happy. This is why I enjoy doing this. I have done this for many brands over the years being on social media. I must admit that Instagram has helped me find some amazing brands which I have come to love and show support towards.  

What value drives you to jump on board to support the good initiatives initiated by Grin Natural and other associations? 

I have really enjoyed the initiatives Grin has in place. The company has truly made me feel like I can do more than just be a creative person on social media. It makes me happy knowing that I am doing something good for the environment and community. 

What are your personal and family wellbeing/healthy living goals for 2021?

We have all felt how hard it was to stay on top of a healthy lifestyle last year through Covid! So this year we are all making sure we are prioritizing our health first. Healthy eating, exercising daily, and keeping on top of our oral care. I like my veggies and salads, Jessie is a fruit eater and hubby goes for his fresh smoothies. We hope to keep this as our big Goal this year and many more to come. 

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Sunny has been an avid Grin advocate for almost 3 years. She was quick to switch her entire family to our natural toothpaste range when she discovered the brand on the market. She loved the fact that Grin Natural is a New Zealand company that offers a range of oral care products for the entire family and that none of the grin products are tested on animals. When it came to looking for the best kids’ toothpaste she was excited to find that grin toothpaste exceeded her every expectation and so began her amazing oral care journey with her beautiful daughter Jessie. From starting Jessie on a biodegradable toothbrush to introducing a rewards system into Jessie’s brushing routine she has made oral care fun for her little one. And when Grin launched the biodegradable floss for kids, she was quick to ensure that this also became part of Jessie’s routine. Needless to say, the 123Grin! Kids Oral Care Set became a firm favorite in her household. 

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Sunny’s love of the Grin brand was evident from day 1 and it continued to shine through especially when she showed through her support and involvement, by teaming up with Grin@grinnatural to support those affected by the Australian Bushfires. When Sunny loves a brand and cares about it, she is relentless in her support, and she continues to show her support to the Grin family in her heartfelt blogs to this very day. We love being on this oral care journey with Sunny and Jessie @sunnyandjessie. Thank you!