Five Reasons Why Australian Mums Are Choosing Grin Toothpaste for Their Kids

A never ending challenge that is brought up within our Grin community is the ongoing struggle parents encounter with getting their kids to brush and floss their teeth, let alone trying to get them to do this twice a day as an ongoing routine. It is truly a stressful exercise. This stress however is definitely lessened (if not completely removed), for our Grin mums, who not only find comfort in the amazing range of Grin natural products but also the helpful tips they gain from within our community. If you know me then you will know that I am a passionate advocate for the Grin natural range of oral care products.

I love it when we can learn from each other to help our kids have healthier, happier lives, and more recently I was delighted to gain insights from some of our Australian mums who shared their top five reasons on why Grin Natural comes on tops (literally). Imagine my excitement though when I found out that Grin Natural will now officially be stocked in over 700 Coles supermarkets across Australia from 1 April 2021, with three of their products including the Grin Kids’ Natural Berry-licious Toothpaste, Kids’ Biodegradable Orange Toothbrush and Kids’ Biodegradable dental flossers. Now more mums and families within Australia can enjoy Grin in their lives. Now that’s certainly something to grin together about, wouldn’t you say!

Grin Natural launched into Coles Australia

Below are some key reasons our Australian mums choose Grin toothpaste above all else when it comes to oral care.

  1. Grin Kids Oral Care is all natural

One of our mums Gretchen who only recently discovered Grin Natural is loving the toothpaste range because they have natural ingredients. It is encouraging for our mums to know that Grin natural contains no nasties, or harsh chemicals such as artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, fragrances, or preservatives – all of which can increase your little one’s tendency to crave unhealthy or sweeter foods. It really is the only natural toothpaste with fluoride that is not only healthy for your little one’s teeth but tasty as well. A taste that is all natural and preservative free. Grin Natural is also palm oil free, cruelty free as well as eco-friendly. Now that’s a hat-trick to write home about!

Grin Natural Kids Oral Care is favored by moms and children in Australia

  1. Grin makes oral care fun

Another mum Kirra said it best when she stated “Brush, Floss, Sticker! Sounds good - right?” She is talking about the 1-2-3 Grin! Kids Oral Care Set. This is also a firm favourite in our home and really encourages the importance of not just brushing but flossing as well. The Australian Dental Association highly recommends flossing for children and because Grin Natural is the only oral health care brand to offer a floss product specifically designed for kids this will certainly make your life easier as a parent.  Kirra has been trialing the 1-2-3 Grin! Kids Oral Care Set over the last few weeks and she loves how this makes brushing, flossing and the whole oral care routine fun for her little Sofia. She says, “We all know that getting your kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge, so this company has made brushing fun! Sofia loves to complete her sticker chart day and night and can’t wait to brush and floss each day. She even loves to teach her brother Arlo the tips and tricks. We also love the Grin Natural biodegradable flossers which come for kids and mums and dads too!"

 Why do Australia moms love to choose Grin Oral Care for their kids


  1. Grin makes brushing time, family time

As parents we have to lead by example right and more so when it comes to a healthy lifestyle or oral care. After all how can we expect our little ones to follow suit if we are not practising what we preach. Thankfully Grin Natural has products that cater for the entire family, so our little ones feel included in the oral care decision and can trust that mum and dad are also using the same product. Dental hygienist and mum, Aimee is a firm believer in this, and she said, “We absolutely love this concept and how Grin Natural came up with a great idea to help our little grinners have better oral health! We love how brushing together helps our children learn about how important it is to clean your mouth and teeth and to also establish a good routine for our entire family"

  1. Grin Natural helps create building blocks for oral care

A big part of establishing a great oral care routine is for a lifetime of good oral care, and Grin Natural certainly does this by incorporating a range which is smart enough to cater to your little one's growing oral care needs from as young as six months old with the Grin Baby Silicon Finger Brush to when they are ready to try the Grin Kids Natural Flouride Toothpaste  to eventually entering their teenage and adults years. It is a brand you can trust in throughout your oral care journey. However one of our mums, Liz Lim said it best; “Looking after baby teeth is so important as they are the building blocks for the erupting adult teeth. As soon as the boys had their first tooth, I made sure to get them into the habit of having their teeth brushed and eventually flossed as they got more teeth. Eli is at an age where he loves being independent and being able to do things on his own. He’s loving being able to floss his own teeth with the Grin Natural Kids Biodegradable Dental Flossers!”

  1. Grin was formulated by experts

This kiwi born and expertly formulated brand has taken all measures to ensure that it only provides the highest quality natural oral care products, but one that is endorsed by dental practitioners as well. Carmen a passionate dentist mum within the community was so excited when she discovered Grin Natural. She had the following to say, “As most of you know I’m a dentist and this is my passion. I have been using Grin Natural for a month now and I'm so happy to say I love it and so does Santi! I can't wait to continue growing my relationship with Grin Natural."

Grin is helping kids in Australia to build a good oral care habit


Grin has made it simple to pick the right products for your family with their range of effective natural toothpastes (minus the nasties) and sustainable oral care essentials.

Grab your kid’s Grin Natural Oral Care at your nearest Coles and join our Grin community for wonderful well-being knowledge and tips.


About the Author 

Jess Mason, Grin Parenting Expert. Jess is a mum who loves to empower and guide other mums to live their healthiest, happiest lives and leans on her own experience and learnings as a mum to her little boy Milo, to provide our Grin community with helpful advice, and tips.

Photos by Grin friends @Gabrielle Connolly and @Kirra 
Coles photo credit: Internet of Strategy Network and The Motley Fool