Top 5 toothbrushing songs that make brushing teeth fun for the whole family!

Let us face it mums, getting our little ones to brush their teeth is no easy task, right? Then there is the whole debate on whether they need to floss before or after brushing, should you use fluoride or fluoride free toothpaste, and are all these so-called natural toothpastes really that natural? Thankfully in our household we can trust in Grin natural for all our brushing, flossing and fluoride concerns. Grin’s range of kiddie oral care products are completely natural, safe and certified palm oil free, so that takes care of at least one part of our oral care routine. However, when you are trying to install healthy habits into your little one from an early age, as a parent you must make activities fun and engaging, and the same can be said for brushing teeth.

My little boy Milo is more inclined to do something if we make a game or fun activity out of it and if he thinks he is getting something out of it. So, our oral care routine has taken on a whole new meaning, but part of creating fun activities when it comes to brushing teeth is to ensure you have the right ‘tools’ on hand. If you have not tried The 1-2-3 Grin! Kids Oral Care Set, you are really missing out. This introduced a whole new element of fun for Milo, because not only does it come with a Kids Bio Toothbrush, biodegradable dental flossers, and kids’ toothpaste, but it has a Grin Kids Challenge chart and sticker. It truly is the perfect way to get your little one into a healthy oral care routine and introduce flossing as part of a reward system. And it makes brushing teeth less of a task and more enjoyable.

And that is the key! How do we create enjoyment for your little ones when it comes to brushing teeth? Thankfully, music is a firm favourite in our home, because not only is it fun but it gets the whole family involved. But it is not as simple as just putting on any old song and hoping that your little one will brush away. How I wish life were that easy! So, I have narrowed down some of Milo’s favourite toothbrushing songs which I hope will make your family toothbrushing experience a whole lot more fun, entertaining, and seem like less of a task especially for those early cranky morning blues.

“Brush Your Teeth” from KidsTV123.

If you have smaller kids the words to this song will be perfect because it really reinforces the whole action of brushing. It is also such a happy little song and teaches your little one that to have clean, strong, healthy teeth and a bright smile, brushing every day is super important.


“This Is the Way We Brush Our Teeth, Nursery Rhymes” from LittleBabyBum! | ABCs and 123s

It can be difficult for our little ones to understand why they need to brush twice a day. Milo was always “But I brushed my teeth this morning momma. Why do I have to do it again?”. This nursery rhyme song was great in emphasising that and because it is such a simple, fun song Milo quickly got to understand that if he wanted clean, white teeth and a bright smile, brushing twice a day was super important.

Brush Your Teeth, Kids Songs, Super Simple Songs” from Super Simple Monsters.

With easy to remember words and a catchy tune, this song is a great one to ease your little one into a morning and evening routine. It is simple and reinforces the message that brushing is a fun activity.

“Party Mouth” from Sesame Street is amazing.

Without a doubt this was a family favourite. After all who does not love Sesame Street right? Typical of Sesame Street style, the song is catchy, incredibly fun and you can even dance to it. This song remained a firm favourite because it taught Milo about brushing his tongue, and not just his teeth, so he started learning about taking care of his whole mouth.

“The Tooth Brushing Song - The Tooth Brushing Badge” from Hey Duggee Series 3 - Hey Duggee.

We have always loved the Duggee Series for its educational and inspirational messages and the tooth brushing song was no different either. The song reinforces that you need to brush for two minutes and it gives a step-by-step guide to taking care of your teeth, and how to keep your teeth free of cavities. And because Duggee is all about his reward badges, this song is perfect for introducing a reward system and toothbrush badge at the end of each week.

Grin Natural Oral Care Kit

Raising a healthy, confident child is not easy especially with all the distractions families may have in their daily lives. Your little one’s oral care routine should not be a stress or a nightmare. It really can be fun and a great family moment for everyone to enjoy. I hope you have some joy experimenting with these toothbrushing songs. Healthy families are happy families after all and that is something to grin together about.

About the Author 

Jess Mason, Grin Parenting Expert. Jess is a mum who loves to empower and guide other mums to live their healthiest, happiest lives and leans on her own experience and learnings as a mum to her little boy Milo, to provide our Grin community with helpful advice, and tips.