Grin Friend Series, let’s chat with Carly!

Hello Grinners, 

Here at Grin community, we have met so many amazing people along our journey! We are very fortunate that we have made friends with many of you and learnt a lot of inspirational stories from you. This month, we’d introduce our talented friend Carly @our.curated.chaos to you. Happy reading, happy grinning!

Can you please tell us a little bit about you?

I’m Carly, mama to Flynn (4) and Archer (2). I’m just embracing the beautiful chaos that is motherhood to two energetic boys and trying to capture some pretty pictures along the way. My boys are my inspiration and I’m happiest when the sun is shining and we’re outside together enjoying our local beaches or parks.



What made you want to share your motherhood/parenting life on social media?

I kind of fell into the Instagram world by accident. My account started as a way for me to share my daily life at home with young children. Motherhood can be isolating at times and I love that this platform gave me an opportunity to connect with other like-minded mamas and some beautiful small businesses - it’s really my little online community now.



What's it like to support brands that you genuinely love and be a content creator?

One of my favourite things about this job is the amazing people I get to work with. I’ve had the opportunity to work with women who are so passionate about the businesses they have created and that passion is infectious! It’s always inspiring to work with people who love what they do.

I really enjoy finding new ways to be creative in my images. I love that I’ve found a way to express my creativity, support other women and earn a little money to support my family, all whilst spending time with my beautiful boys.


How did you cope with all of the lockdowns? What got you through?

Hmmmm how did I cope with the lockdowns? The short answer is - I didn’t! It was HARD!! I was fortunate that I had still had plenty of work on, the trouble was, with 2 kids home full time, I had no time to do any of it!!

But we survived. I introduced some new habits to support my mental health - like waking up at sunrise to take a walk along the beach while the boys were sleeping - and made sure we had plenty of activities to keep the boys occupied at home. Michael even built them cubby house and a skate ramp (which lives in our garage!).

Looking back on it now, it’s easy to see the silver lining in what was a very difficult few months. My boys are closer than ever, we’ve learned to slow down a bit and enjoy our time at home, and many of the good habits we started are continuing into life post-lockdown.  


Carly recently shared her stories about how Grin’s yummy kid natural toothpaste and brushing rewarding system helped her boys to rebuild their morning routine after the quarantine. Head to Carly’s blog and read about her boys’ ‘Morning Routine with Grin Natural’.


If you feel inspired by reading about Carly’s sharing or if you’d like to tell us yours, don’t forget to comment below and DM us on Grin Insta@grinnatural :)