How to look after your children’s teeth at Christmas! Let’s chat with Dentist Mom Carmen!

Heya Grinners, 


It is time to introduce our Grin friend Carmen! She is an inspirational stay at home, dentist mom who lives on the Gold Coast. Carmen carries her passion for dentistry into everything that she does, and is a huge advocate of acknowledging the importance of oral care for moms and kids alike. You can follow Carmen on her Instagram @carmenarevalo. We chatted with Carmen, who has some amazing tips to share for you to look after your children's teeth during the festive season!

Can you please tell us a little bit about you? 

I’m a happy SAHM of two beautiful little kids under two. I’m half Spanish, half Mexican and I live on the Gold Coast, Australia. My husband is Australian, we met 5 years ago overseas, and here we are 5 years later with our little family. 

I attended Dental University (UASLP) and after 7 years of studying and practicing, I obtained my degree. It has been a long pathway but worth it. 

Dentistry is a service-oriented profession. You will spend all of your time helping other people which is extremely rewarding, and one can make significant improvements in people’s lives by restoring their smiles, teeth, self-confidence, self-image, and ability to eat and speak properly. Can you tell what I miss about my job :-)

I worked in private practice after I graduated, until I came to Australia and I plan to get back to it once the kids are at school. 

As if I do not have enough work already; being a mom to two kids at home, I am also the Marketing Manager of our business and I am doing a Digital Media course. 

I have a passion for everything related to health, beauty, and fashion. 


Sophia and Santi are just so cute! What do you feel is the most rewarding about being a mom?

Motherhood really is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It’s like entering a secret society that you have heard about, but never truly understand, until you become part of it. It’s the most precious gift you will ever be given. 

Watching them grow and seeing the confident, free-thinking, creative people they have become, fills up my heart. 


What value drives you to support moms with your expertise and knowledge?

I know it sounds a little odd, but I believe that one's expertise is a powerful gift that deserves to be shared. It is yours to share! Yes you have earned it, but why keep all that wisdom to yourself? Why not send it out into the world to be free and help others when they need it. 

And I have been there; where I don't know what's going to happen especially as a first-time mama when everything is new and you are full of questions and fears. This is the main reason why I love to share what I love the most with my community. 

A little help with small advice is a lovely way to say I am here with you! 

Would you like to share the Top 5 Tips for moms to take care of their kids’ oral care during the Christmas and New Year holidays? 

  1. Oral health is important for the whole family and requires consistency, therefore it’s important to try not to break your routine during the holidays. Brushing your kids twice a day is a must.
  2. Healthy meals and snacks are important for healthy teeth. Balance is the key
  3. Water is the best drink for toddlers. Avoid fruit juice or sweet drinks as much as possible and choose water instead.  
  4. Get the 1,2,3Grin! Kids Oral Care Kit. The kit is fantastic as it helps you to keep a record and reminds you to brush your kids’ teeth twice a day and floss once a day.
  5. Be a role model, remember our kids copy everything we do. Try not to eat sweets when they are around, and every time you brush your teeth invite your kids to participate as well. 


What should moms do when their children experience tooth pain during the holidays? 

The first thing you want to do is try to find the cause of your child’s toothache. If they are old enough, ask them to point at or describe the pain. If they are younger, look for swelling, redness of gums and cheek, tooth discoloration, or broken teeth. If you find a tooth that is loose,  discolored, or broken, you’ve likely found the cause.

Next, you want to help your child remove any food particles that may be trapped between their teeth. Remember to be gentle and careful while flossing, because your child’s gums might be sensitive.

Apply a cold compress to your child’s outer cheek near the painful or swollen area. Try icing for 15 minutes and taking another 15 minutes off.

If the pain continues, you can give your child anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. Remember to make sure that any medication you give your children is safe for them by reading the Drug Facts label, read through the active ingredient and give the right amount for their age, weight or as directed by the medical label.

Under no circumstance should you rub aspirin or any painkiller on your child’s gums as it is very acidic and can cause burns.

Flossing, icing and medicating are probably not permanent solutions to the problem, therefore if your child’s toothache is caused by a cavity, they will need to see a dentist for a filling, root canal, or possibly an extraction. If your child is experiencing extreme pain, fatigue, or fever, you will want to call your paediatrician immediately.

What plans do you have for the New Year? 

I will definitely keep sharing my knowledge with the Grin community, dentistry is my passion and I’m planning to create more content about Kids Oral care. 

Lastly, my family and I want to wish the Grin community a very happy Christmas and New Year! 


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